Logo work consists of creating  a visual representation for your company, while considering branding and portability to alternative media types.

We suggest that the logo work entails:

  1. Research, meetings and dialogue for identifying the over-all project objectives and clearly identifying the target market(s).
  2. Create up to 3 different logo designs with a brief narrative explaining the thought process and supporting ideas for each.
  3. Once the design has been selected, up to 5 minor tweaks/revisions as requested.
  4. A CD with the logo file(s) saved in several different formats and resolutions (eps, psd, pdf, tiff, jpg, gif) (resolutions- 72dpi, 150dpi, 300dpi, and vector). Each logo copy will be named respectively for its intended use. (I.E.: WMF signage.eps, WMF e-mail.pdf, WMF printing.psd, Etc.)
  5.  Pantone swatch color numbers will be identified so you can supply any media partners with your logo colors for exact print matching.

Logo work  is typically billed by the hour, but we can provide an estimate once the major criteria items have been identified.